Desktop Gadgets by Benjamin Schirmer

VolumeControl Gadget

1. download gadget

The latest version of VolumeControl now also works on Windows Vista

2. discussion

If you have any problems with the gadget or want to request new features, please visit the Google Group for this gadget.

3. how the gadget works

To install the gadget just double click the file on your computer or choose open when you click on the download link above. Google Desktop will then ask you if you want to install the gadget. Click OK to install it. You will then see the volume control in your sidebar:
  • To change the volume drag the slider or click in the volume area
  • To mute the sound click on the speaker icon. Click again to unmute

4. icons in the gadget

The speaker icons are from the great Silk icon set 1.3 (c) by Mark James [link]