Desktop Gadgets by Benjamin Schirmer

µTorrent Gadget

1. download gadget

2. how the gadget works

To install the gadget just double click the file on your computer or choose open when you click on the download link. Google Desktop will then ask you if you want to install the gadget. Click OK to install it. µTorrent Gadget

To use the µTorrent gadget you must enable the webinterface feature of µTorrent. After you have enabled the webinterface you must enter your access data into the options dialog of the gadget. If you have entered your data correctly you will see a list of your torrents.

  • You can start and stop a torrent by clicking on the torrent in the list and selecting the start or stop button above the list
  • Click on the info icon above the torrent list to display detailed information about a torrent
  • On the µTorrent icon to open the web interface

Version 1.5: Now supports the µTorrent token authentication system which is the default in µTorrent 2.0.

3. icons in the gadget

This gadget uses icons from the great Silk icon set 1.3 (c) by Mark James [link]