Desktop Gadgets by Benjamin Schirmer

Gadget Translation

Since I only speak german and english my gadgets are usually available in these two languages. If you like to have the gadget in your own language you can help me translate it. If you are interested, here is how:

  1. Download the gadget you want to translate to your computer. To do this, select right-click->save as on the download page. Your browser will probably ask you for the name of the file which will have a .gg extension. Change this extension to .zip and save the file somewhere on your pc.

  2. Now open this zip-archive with your favorite zip application such as 7-zip or Winzip or the windows built-in functionality.

  3. You will see some folders in this archive with one named "en" or "1033". In this folder there is a strings.xml file. Extract this file to a folder of your choice.

  4. To edit this file you should open it in any suitable editor. You can use the windows editor for this. To run the windows editor press and hold the windows key and press R. A run dialog will pop up. Enter "notepad" and press enter.

  5. In the windows editor select File->Open and navigate to the strings.xml file. Be sure to use "All files *.*" in the filter dropdown otherwise the xml file won't be listed

  6. Once the file is loaded you can start editing it. The text between the < and > brakets should stay the same. Everthing between <sometext> and </sometext> needs changing.

  7. When you are finished with the translation you can send the file to I will then include it in the next release of the gadget.

  8. If you want to take credit for your translation feel free to add a line "Translation by YOUR NAME" in your language to the end of the <GADGET_ABOUT_TEXT> block.

I am looking forward to any translations to make these gadgets available to all Google Desktop users worldwide in their native language.