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GMail Icon Gadget

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2. about the gadget

GMail Icon Gadget

GMail Icon will inform you whenever new mails are in your gmail inbox. Clicking on the envelope will open your GMail Account in your browser. If you click on the counter you can view a preview of your new mails in the detailsview where you can also view any mail directly.

Using the account title you can easily distinguish between several GMail accounts. The gadget also supports mail accounts created for Google Apps.

3. configuration instructions

GMail Icon has several configuration options. You can access them using the Options item in the context menu of the gadget or when you click the "configure" text on first run of the gadget.

  1. Account title: This is the name of your account. It will be displayed in the gadget and is used so that you can distinguish between gadgets if you are using multiple instances of the GMail Icon gadget. You can use something like "private", "business", your name or anything else you like. Just try to keep it short or otherwise it might not fit into the gadget.
  2. Username: The username is the name you use to access your mail account. If you are using a GMail or Google Mail account this is the part in front of the "" or "". If you are using Google Apps you need to enter your complete address such as "".
  3. Password: This is the password you use to login to your account. This information is stored using the secure options in Google Desktop and is never ever submitted to me.
  4. Show account title: If you check this box the gadget will display your "Account title" in the gadget. If you don't need or want this you can uncheck it. If you haven't checked "Display account title if mailbox empty" then this title will only be shown when new mails are available.
  5. This is a Google Apps mail address: This option is no longer included from version 1.5.1 up. The gadget will now determine this automatically. If you are using Google Apps for your mail you need to check this box. Only then will you be able to click on a mail preview and be directed to your correct mail account. See the section "Google Apps address versus Google Mail/GMail address" if you are not sure if your mail address is a Google Apps address or not.
  6. Display account title if mailbox empty: If you check this box then the title of your account is always shown. Even if no mail is in your inbox
  7. Update every X minutes: This specifies in which interval you want the gadget to check for new mails. You shouldn't check mails too often since it might impact your online experience if you are on dial-up. The default should be sufficient for most users needs.
  8. Design dropdowns: There are two dropdown boxes in the options dialog. The first is for "when inbox empty" and the second "when inbox has mails". You can choose two different designs here. The first will be used when no mails are available and the second when you have new mails. You can for example use a gray design when the inbox is empty and a red design when new mails are available. Then you will have a more visual notification about new mails
  9. Show notification alert for new mails: The notifications feature of Google Desktop can be used to inform about new mails. If you click on the "?" button you will get instructions on how to enable this feature for GMail Icon in Google Desktop.
  10. Play sound notification for new mails: Here you can select an audio file (e.g. wav, or mp3) which will be played when you have new mails. You can use the ">" button to preview your selected sound. The default sound should be the standard windows notification sound.

4. Google Apps address versus Google Mail/GMail address

If you are reading this section you are probably unsure if your mail address is a Google Apps address or not. The easiest way to determine this is by the website you use to check your mail. If you are logging in at you are probably using a GMail or Google Mail address. If you are logging in at then you most likely have a Google Apps mail address.

Google Apps is a special service which enables users to use their own domain using the Google interface. These mail addresses therefore do not end in or but in something like

A very basic rule of thumb is: If your mail ends in or then you do not check the "This is a Google Apps mail address" box, if it ends in something else you check it.

To see if everything works fine you can send yourself a testmail. When the mail appears in your gadget you click on the number which indicates new mails and will open a preview window. In this window you click on the mail which opens a browser window for your mail. If you see your mail then everything is set correctly. If you see a page which says that you are not using a valid Google Apps mail address then you need to uncheck the "This is a Google Apps mail address" box.